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Peace Land and Threads

Union-Made Sticker Pack #1

Union-Made Sticker Pack #1

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Two vinyl 6" x 8" inch kiss-cut sticker sheets made by CWA local 6300, with 12 designs total, including: 

  • Oolong in a Mao Suit, with the text "Serve the People"
  • Yusuke with the text "Political Power Comes From The Barrel of a Gun"
  • Mao Zedong's Head
  • Red Book with text "Read Theory"
  • No More Landlords
  • Peace Land and Threads logo
  • Lenin with the text "The Specter of Communism"
  • Ice Climbers with the text "Abolish ICE"
  • Kirby with the text "Eat the Rich" 
  • Stalin Head
  • Bordiga Bust
  • Skull with text "Capitalism Kills"
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