Frequently Asked Questions

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Something went wrong with my order. What do I do?

Send all your issues to and I will respond within 24-48 hours.

Is buying from Peace Land & Threads ethical consumption?

No. There is no such thing under capitalism. We try to source the shirts as responsibly as possible, but even eco-friendly US-made products contribute to imperialism and the destruction of the environment in one way or another.

You should only buy the shirt because you like it, not to be ethical.

Are the shirts union-made?

Not right now. I want them to be, but after weeks of researching suppliers, buying samples, begging suppliers, and annoying sales reps, I am currently unable to get my hands on union-made retail-quality T-shirts. It's not even that I can't afforf them, I can't even find them.

If you know of any ring-spun cotton shirt manufacturers anywhere in the world represented by a good union and fair labor practices, please contact me with details. I'll even give you the very first union-made shirt for free if it pans out.

What manufacturer do you use?

You can read about what manufacturers we are currently using on the suppliers page.

Do any proceeds go to good causes?

Not yet. In the future we might partner with other causes for fundraising, so stay tuned.

The immediate goal for Peace Land and Threads is securing dedicated physical workspace for screen printing. That will provide a physical space to scale up and possibly hold in-person events with the local Jacksonville community and support local organizers.

You claim to be anti-capitalist, but you own a store?

You got me!